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NEWS : TUE, MAY 23, 2017 at 7:00 PM

The Sub Pop Podcast Is Back! Listen to Season 3, Episode 1: The New Brunswick Connection

In this first episode of the dyn-o-mite third season, we answer that ages-old question no one is asking: “What is up with the Sub Pop invasion of Halifax?” 

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[Episode Art by John S. Atkins]

The new and third season of the Sub Pop Podcast begins on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017, with a new episode to follow every two weeks thereafter. Available through all of the very best podcast distribution points, the Sub Pop Podcast is made at the label’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington by long-time radio so-and-so and verifiable Sub Pop employee, Arwen Nicks, in collaboration with and sometimes overcoming the well-intentioned interference of a handful of other label staffers. Episodes present stories from inside, outside, and adjacent to Sub Pop, Seattle’s premier medium-sized record label. We focus on conversations with our artists past and present, people who work at/with/around Sub Pop, and anyone else willing or reckless enough to talk to us. And same goes for our sibling label Hardly Art.
The Sub Pop Podcast debuted in January of 2016 and its first two seasons featured celebrated artists like… Band of Horses, Chastity Belt, Mudhoney, Shearwater, Jenn Champion, Alex and Victoria from Beach House, Sam Beam from Iron and Wine, Tad from TAD, Benjamin Gibbard from both Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service, Kathleen Hanna, Father John Misty (2 episodes worth!), Jonah Ray, members of CSS and Clipping, and a whole more. We also talked to employees at both Sub Pop and Hardly Art, as well as Sub Pop label honchos Jonathan Poneman and Megan Jasper.
Season three will feature… More conversations with artists, Sub Pop’s “invasion” of Canada, a celebration of Hardly Art’s landmark 10th anniversary, mentions of the Russian mafia, car crashes, birthday parties, musicians who think they should be elected to office, drugs, depression, death, obsessed fans, and at least one cameo from at least one member of Guns and Roses. is available to provide you with a convenient means of listening to the new, first episode of this new season, as well as all of the episodes from both previous seasons. There, you can also subscribe to the Sub Pop Podcast, sign up for our email list and get in touch with us (at
Further persuasion in the form of reviews from listeners…
“Shockingly foul-mouthed and heart-warming at the same time, a great listen!” - someone on iTunes
“I really dig the watercolor art for each episode and I especially loved the two part episode with Josh Tillman; probably the best interview with him I’ve ever heard.” - Dave, who emailed us
“Everybody should listen to the Sub Pop Podcast” - Jonah Ray, host of MST3K and Hidden America

“The Sub Pop Podcast is everything.” - A nice guy named John on Twitter

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The Sub Pop Podcast: Absolutely nothing sounds better.
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