NEWS : WED, APR 23, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Constantines’ ‘Shine A Light’ Getting Vinyl-Only Reissue

For the record, we here at Sub Pop HQ love all of our artists and their releases–we wouldn’t work with them if we didn’t. However, with a staff of literally hundreds and hundreds of tediously opinionated music snobs, there are only a few releases that EVERYONE loves unconditionally, and one of them is Constantines’ 2003 aural firestorm known as Shine A Light

The record has been out of print on vinyl since 2006, but given how much we love this record, how many requests from fans requesting that we repress the LP, and the fact that the band has gotten the band back together and is set to play this summer, it seemed like the perfect time to get Shine A Light back on the shelves, and by it, we mean June 10th.

Shine a Light was the Constantines’ second full-length and first for Sub Pop. And the record is ambitious, combining a steady diet of ‘90s DC rock (like a Joe Strummer-fronted Fugazi, it’s been suggested), with dub-inflected bass, blue-eyed soul and a fundamental punk, anytime/anywhere aesthetic (perhaps best described by drummer Doug MacGregor as, “Like an unwelcome mix of a Memphis Clash and breakneck dub”). The opening lines from the title track hint at the difficulty in nailing down the elusive “it” that is at play on this record, “Don’t talk to me about simple things/There’s no such thing/All a man can build is his vision/And I love my man for trying.”

Pre-order Constantines’ Shine A Light from Sub Pop, and you’ll receive the limited, colored-vinyl Loser Edition of the LP, in this case, on orange vinyl. The record comes with a bonus seven inch. And due to the finite nature of limited edition things, the sooner the order the Loser Edition LP, the better, as they will most certainly go quickly.

Shine a Light

1. National Hum
2. Shine a Light
3. Nighttime/Anytime (It’s Alright)
4. Insectivora
5. Young Lions (Soundcloud / YouTube)
6. Goodbye Baby & Amen
7. On to You
8. Poison
9. Scoundrel Babes
10. Tiger & Crane
11. Tank Commander (Hung Up in a Warehouse Town)
12. Sub-Domestic

Bonus 7”
A1) “Thank You for Sending Me an Angel” (Talking Heads cover / Nighttime Single)
A2) “Raw Youth” (CBC Radio 3 recording of a Royal City cover / Young Lions Single)  
B1) “Hotline Operator (2003)” (Nightime Single)  

Jun. 08 - Toronto, ON - Field Trip Festival / Fort York & Garrison Common
Aug. 03 - Sackville, NB - SappyFest
Aug. 22 - Peterborough, ON - Peterborough Folk Festival
Aug. 23 - Ottawa, ON - Arboretum Festival

Bry Webb Solo Dates 
May 14 - Cambridge, MA - TT The Bear’s Place*
May 15 - Brooklyn, NY - The Bell House*
May 16 - Philadelphia, PA - Milkboy*
May 17 - Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel*
May 18 - Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox*
May 19 - Cincinnati, OH - MOTR Pub*
May 20 - Columbus, OH - The Basement*
May 21 - Indianapolis, IN - Do317 Lounge*
May 22 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle*
w/ Chad VanGaalen