NEWS : TUE, NOV 19, 2013 at 2:51 AM

We Signed The Notwist!

After a few days of having you, the discerning and very astute music listening public, listen to a 15-second snippet of a track and then try to guess who it was exactly that we signed, it’s time to announce to you that WE SIGNED THE NOTWIST! If you can’t tell, the all caps portion of the previous sentence is there to denote the fact that we are over the moon-levels of excited about this addition to our weird and loving family of artists. So, without further adieu, Close To The Glass, The Notwist’s Sub Pop debut full-length, comes out on February 25th! You can pre-order the CD or limited, colored-vinyl Loser Edition LP here.

If The Notwist are a new band to you, get to know them! On this page, you can read a bit more about them. In the meantime, listen to the album’s title track, “Close To The Glass” in the embed, and feel the excitement that we feel this morning!

If you pre-order Close To The Glass, you will receive a set of small, limited-edition art prints. Speaking of limited-edition, if you pre-order the record on the vinyls, you’ll receive the limited Loser Edition of Close To The Glass on colored-vinyl; in this case a 2xLP, one orange and one blue with an etching on the fourth side of the LP (the etching will also be on non-Loser Edition LPs by the way). And, as is always the case with limited-edition things, when they’re gone, they’re gone, so order now!

Posted by Sam Sawyer