THU, AUG 22, 2013 at 8:18 AM

Sub Pop Tote Bags


For years, we here at Sub Pop have had a severe and ever-present lack of tote bags available for sale and for our own personal use—namely just bringing our lunch in to work or our records home—but no longer. Ever since our jubilant Silver Jubilee 25th Anniversary Festival back in July, we have had them available for sale on our website. These tote bags are made from heavy duty canvas and will withstand the weight of as many records (or farmer’s market peaches, airplane bottles of booze—whatever), and at just $12 each, you’ll have money leftover to fill them with records (we also sell those—just sayin’).

Pick one up here:
Navy Blue World Domination
Red World Domination
Navy Sub Pop

Posted by Sam Sawyer