THU, MAY 30, 2013 at 2:30 AM

No Age’s ‘An Object’ Out August 20th


This morning, a small handful of press outlets received news of a new No Age record, An Object, via a small box, entirely created by No Age themselves—from the printing on the cover, right down to the music contained on An Object. The follow up to 2010’s groundbreaking Everything In Between finds the band on fertile ground creating something both completely different to anything they’ve done before, yet distinctly No Age. An Object comes out on Sub Pop on August 20th, and just like the promotional pieces the band sent out to announce An Object, No Age has performed, recorded, produced, and prepared and assembled the entirety of the physical packaging of An Object, including jackets, inserts, and labels, taking on the roll of manufacturer, artist, and musician until the roles trip on themselves and individual parts lose their distinct meanings, demanding to be considered as a whole.

The takeaway from this message, there’s a new record from No Age, it’s called An Object, it comes out on August 20th, and they’ve created something in An Object worthy of much anticipation.

Posted by Sam Sawyer