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WED, APR 3, 2013 at 3:33 AM

New Baptist Generals on May 21st Listen to a Track Now

It’s been a full decade since we released The Baptist Generals’ amazing debut, No Silver/No Gold, and as time passed, the promise of a sophomore release from this great band from Denton, became stuff of legend or myth with little stock put into rumors surrounding a return. On May 21st, The Baptist Generals fulfill the promise shown with their debut record with the long-awaited but seemingly unlikely Jackleg Devotional to the Heart. It’s been a long, long time, but like many wonderful things, absolutely worth the wait. Listen to “Dog That Bit You” in the player above, and help us to welcome The Baptist Generals back.

If you pre-order Jackleg Devotional to the Heart on CD or LP, you’ll receive a limited-edition flexi 7" single featuring “Fly Candy Harvest”, a song non-album track currently unavailable elsewhere. Also, if you pre-order the record on LP, you’ll receive the limited, colored-vinyl Loser Edition of the record. And such is the nature of limited things, these are both a while-supplies-last type of thing.

Pre-order Jackleg Devotional to the Heart here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer

MON, APR 1, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Happy Vanishing Point Record Release Day, Mudhoney!

Vanishing Point, Mudhoney’s latest in a long (and getting longer…), illustrious (and getting illustriouser…) “career” comes out today on Sub Pop Records. This is their ninth full-length record in 25 years, and these guys continue to write, record and perform music with unflagging passion, intensity, incisive humor and real g-d charm. It has always been and continues to be our great good fortune to work with Mudhoney. Happy release day, you guys!

Last night (the night popularly known as “Vanishing Point Eve”), these same Mudhonies played a really entirely excellent and altogether FREE set at Easy Street Records in West Seattle, WA. It was a super fun event and you can read more about it here.

You can also, and we would go so far as to suggest “should,” order Vanishing Point from Sub Pop.

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THU, APR 18, 2013 at 2:58 AM

Sub Pop Announces Loser Scholarship 2013


Hey there!

Sub Pop Records in Seattle, WA is offering a grand total of $13,000 worth of college scholarship money to three eligible high school seniors. There are three scholarships—one for $6,000, one for $4,000 and one for $3,000. To apply for these scholarships you must be a resident of Washington or Oregon, and a graduating senior on your way to full-time enrollment at an accredited university or college. We are looking for an applicant who is involved and/or interested in music and/or the creative arts in some way.

To apply for these scholarships we would like you to submit an essay, no longer than one page, letting us know about one or more of the following topics:

What are you doing in the arts/music field in your community?
How and/or why did you become interested in artistic outlets?
How would this scholarship money help you to progress in your chosen field?

What are your influences and/or who inspires you? Who are some of your favorite bands or artists?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to send digital links and/or provide hard copies of their artwork along with their essay (we have never had a winner who submitted only an essay). However, please be aware that Sub Pop will not return any of this material, so please don’t send originals. Sub Pop will give equal opportunity to all applicants who fit the criteria outlined above. The deadline for applications is May 6th.

Please send all submissions and attachments to by May 6th, 2013. We will announce the scholarship winners on May 20th.

All physical submissions should be sent to:

Sub Pop Records
Attn: Scholarship
2013 4th Ave, 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98121

Amount: $6,000 / $4,000 / $3,000 — checks will be made payable to the university or college of the winning applicants’ choice and applied to winning applicants tuition.

Good luck losers.


Sub Pop

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THU, APR 4, 2013 at 10:36 AM

If We’re a Little Slow Getting Your Order Out This Week…


…we sincerely apologize. The accompanying photo to this post is a stack of orders for The Postal Service’s 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Give Up, and if you are at all familiar with the thickness of a piece of paper, you’ll no doubt understand that that is a lot of pieces of paper! If you are one of the many people who placed an order with us recently, what this means is that there is a good chance that it’s going to take a few extra days to arrive at your designated arrival zone. We apologize for any and all inconveniences associated with this recent glut of orders. Rest assured, we have many extra hands in the warehouse working toward getting our shipping times back to their mostly satisfactory to remarkable times. Thanks so much for your (ongoing) patience with us.

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MON, APR 1, 2013 at 4:20 AM



At the stroke of midnight last night, Sub Pop turned 25 years old. Though the exact dates of our inception may be a little muddled (Wikipedia says we’re 27, Poneman says we’re 31), the crew in the Sup Pop fun fact dept. have concluded that we’re a quarter of a century old. Who knew?

Really though, what has changed in that time? Richard Nixon was president then, a loaf of bread cost 19c. Our first vinyl LP, the Sub Pop 100 compilation, was introduced in a limited edition of 5,000. Remember vinyl? Do they even still make that anymore? Man, it would be great if somebody brought that stuff back!

All joshin’ aside, we’re glad that you’re still here with us. There’s no way we’d all be able to wade through the thick muck of the daily grind without a brilliant soundtrack, and we’re thankful that you allow us to continue to provide that. As your gift to us, we ask that you treat yourself to a little something extra today. Have a cupcake if you’re on a diet. Go home sick from work and take a long nap. Spend the evening rollerskating. Put yourself in credit card debt at our online store. We deserve it!

Sub Pop

Posted by Derek Erdman