MON, APR 1, 2013 at 4:20 AM



At the stroke of midnight last night, Sub Pop turned 25 years old. Though the exact dates of our inception may be a little muddled (Wikipedia says we’re 27, Poneman says we’re 31), the crew in the Sup Pop fun fact dept. have concluded that we’re a quarter of a century old. Who knew?

Really though, what has changed in that time? Richard Nixon was president then, a loaf of bread cost 19c. Our first vinyl LP, the Sub Pop 100 compilation, was introduced in a limited edition of 5,000. Remember vinyl? Do they even still make that anymore? Man, it would be great if somebody brought that stuff back!

All joshin’ aside, we’re glad that you’re still here with us. There’s no way we’d all be able to wade through the thick muck of the daily grind without a brilliant soundtrack, and we’re thankful that you allow us to continue to provide that. As your gift to us, we ask that you treat yourself to a little something extra today. Have a cupcake if you’re on a diet. Go home sick from work and take a long nap. Spend the evening rollerskating. Put yourself in credit card debt at our online store. We deserve it!

Sub Pop