NEWS : WED, JUL 18, 2012 at 8:01 AM

Niki & The Dove’s Instinct CD/2xLP Out August 7


Waiting for Niki & The Dove’s fantastic debut record, Instinct, has been a long, meandering road that we’ve been forced to navigate with a patience-fueled fervor, but on August 7th, all of that intense fervoring will finally pay off with the release of Instinct on CD and double LP.

We’re so thrilled to get to share this triumph of Swedish pop music with you, that we’re going to give away a free Niki & The Dove totebag to people who pre-order the CD or 2xLP. Other things that we’re going to be doing to tip this sales proposition in your favor include: giving you an instant download of the entire record so you don’t have to wait to bask in Instinct’s splendor; the double LP will be on the limited, Loser Edition ©, clear-colored vinyl (clear-colored is an oxymoron, we know); and as always, we’ll be sending you highish quality stickers for you to adhere on what you will adhere them on.

Please note that both the totebags and the Loser Edition vinyl LPs are limited, so act accordingly (accordingly means fast).

Claim your copy and your free Niki & The Dove totebag.

Posted by Sam Sawyer