TUE, APR 3, 2012 at 7:42 AM

New Music From Jaill! “Waste A Lot Of Things”

We’d like to let you know that you can listen to the newest track from Jaill by simply pressing the play button in the widget above (did we really need to explain that? perhaps not.) and if you happen to like what you hear, you can get the download of the track by entering in your email in that very same widget above and the new Jaill tune, “Waste A Lot Of Things”, off their upcoming June 12th record, Traps, will be sent to you.

What else can we share with you that may be fairly self-explanatory? How about, if you’d like more information on Jaill you can help yourself to the copious amounts of Jaill-related information we have waiting for you over on their subpop.com artist page. Band bio, album information, photos, music, useful links.

That there is some pretty informative stuff here, we think!

Posted by Alissa Gallivan