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FRI, APR 1, 2011 at 3:26 AM

We say it’s our birthday


Sub Pop Records turns 23 today. Our boss Jonathan had the following very nice thing to say to the internet on the subject:

“On April 1st, 1988, the lease for Sub Pop’s first designated office space officially commenced. We were unceremoniously booted from that building years ago, but the day stuck as a birthday of sorts. To all of our vendors, customers, colleagues, friends, mentors, employees, and artists: thank you. Same goes to our beloved hometown of Seattle.”

In years past we have really made a nuisance of ourselves going on and on about our anniversary. We’ve hosted a bunch of parties, put together shows, once we even had a big, fat festival. This year, instead, we are going to do a little more shutting up and a whole lot more putting out 1,000 amazing records. To be fair, we have not actually counted, but it sure seems like 1,000. We have listened to them all, though, and we’re dead certain about the amazing part. And, as Jon more succinctly put it in the quote above: we’re very grateful.

So far this year, we have released new music from Daniel Martin Moore, Aurelio (via the Next Ambiance label), The Twilight Singers, Mogwai, Papercuts, Dum Dum Girls, J Mascis, and Obits.

And we will have, soon or before the year is through, still more new releases by the likes of Low, The Head and the Heart, Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes, Lower Dens, Chad VanGaalen, Shabazz Palaces, Blouse (a 7" single on May 31), Vetiver, Sebadoh, Niki and the Dove, Handsome Furs, Still Corners, Mister Heavenly, Male Bonding, Memoryhouse, Fruit Bats, The Helio Sequence, and undoubtedly a handful of others who I am right now forgetting, and whose understandably a little bit irritated manager(s) will soon be sending me less than carefully worded emails expressing their concern on this “forgetting” issue.

See what I mean? You try counting them! (Please do not really count them…)

Happy birthday, us!

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FRI, MAR 11, 2011 at 8:28 AM

Sub Pop and Hardly Arts bands at SXSW 2011


The music portion of SXSW 2011 is kicking off this coming Wednesday, March 16 and we thought it was about time that we shared a full list of shows that both Sub Pop and Hardly Art bands are playing at this year’s festival.

Make sure not to miss our official showcase on Friday March 18th at Red 7 (611 East 7th Street)

Sub Pop (Outside Stage)
8:00 Jaill
8:50 Shabazz Palaces
9:40 Obits
10:30 Papercuts
11:20 Dum Dum Girls
12:10 J Mascis
1:00 The Head and the Heart

Hardly Art (Inside Stage)
8:15 Colleen Green
9:15 The Moondoggies
10:15 Hunx & His Punx
11:15 Unnatural Helpers
12:15 Fergus & Geronimo
1:15 La Sera

Wednesday March 16

Obits- Emusic Day Party (Beauty Bar-617 E 7th St., 3:30 pm)

Jaill- Burger Records Showcase (Trailer Space Records 1401-1 Rosewood Ave, 4:00 pm)

Still Corners- Yours Truly/Bella Union (French Legation 802 San Marcos St., 4:20 pm)

The Moondoggies- Treehouse Diddly (Cheers, 416 E 6th St, 4:30 pm)

Vetiver- Yrs Truly Showcase (French Legation Museum 802 San Marcos St. 5:00 pm)

Hunx and his Punx- Waterloo Record (600 N. Lamar, 5:00 pm)

The Moondoggies- Free Ballard Show (Trophy’s, 2008 S. Congress, 7:30 pm)

Unnatural Helpers- Panache Day Party (Spider House, 2908 Fruth St., 6:15 pm)

J Mascis- IFC Party (IFC Crossroads House E. 7th & Brazos, 7:00 pm)

J Mascis- Rolling Stone Showcase (La Zona Rosa, 9:00 pm)

Mister Heavenly- Brooklyn Vegan Day Party (Mohawk 912 Red River, 9:15 pm)

Hunx and His Punx- Burger Records Party (Trailer Space, 1401-A Rosewood, 10:00 pm)

Memoryhouse/Vetiver/Low- SXSW Showcase (St. David’s Historic Sanctuary, 301 E. 8th Street (between Trinity and San Jacinto)):

8:00 pm – Lost in the Trees
9:00 pm – Valleys
10:00 pm – Herman Dune
11:00 pm – Low
12:00am – Memoryhouse
1:00am – Vetiver

King Tuff – Burger Records Party (Trailer Space Records 1401-1 Rosewood Ave, 11:30 pm)

Still Corners – My Old Kentucky Blog Party (Peckerheads, 12:00 am)

Thursday March 17

Papercuts- KUT Hilton Stage (The Hilton, 500 East 4th Street, 9:45 am)

Hardly Art Fag Party – free! (Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St, 12-6 pm):

12:00 – Heavy Hawaii
12:45 – Colleen Green
1:30 – Young Prisms
2:15 – Dizzy Eyes
3:00 – Las Robertas
3:45 – Unnatural Helpers
4:30 – Dirty Beaches
5:15 – La Sera

Hunx and His Punx- Brooklyn Vegan (Barbarellas, 615 Red River, 12:30 pm)

Papercuts- Other Music Party (French Legation Museum 802 San Marcos St, 1:00 pm)

Still Corners- Brooklyn Vegan Party (Austin Convention Center Dot Com Stage, 1:00 pm)

Mister Heavenly – High Five Party (Elysium, 705 Red River, 1:45 pm)

Shabazz Palaces- Pitchfork #Offline (East Side Drive-In, 1001 E. Sixth St., 2:00 pm)

The Moondoggies- / Pop Montreal Show (Beauty Bar, 617 E 7th St, 2:00 pm)

The Head and the Heart- WFUV (Day Stage at Convention Center, 2:15 pm)

Fergus & Geronimo- Brooklyn Vegan (Barbarellas, 615 Red River, 2:30 pm)

Still Corners- Pianos Party (Club 1808, 1808 E 12th St., 3:00 pm)

Obits- Brooklyn Vegan (Barbarellas, 615 Red River, 3:00 pm)

Hunx and His Punx- Thrasher 30th Anniversary (Scoot Inn, 1304 E 4th St., 3:30 pm)

Memoryhouse- Brooklyn Vegan Party (Barbarellas, 615 Red River St., 4:00 pm)

The Head and the Heart- C3 Party (Lamberts, 403 W 2nd St., 4:00 pm)

King Tuff- Black Lips Present Speed Sets (Gear Alley Garage, Expo Center, 4:00 pm)

The Head and the Heart- Filter/Dickies Party (Lustre Pearle, 97 Rainey St, 5:00 pm)

J Mascis- Pitchfork #Offline (East Side Drive-In, 1001 E 6th, 5:00 pm)

Low- Other Music Day Party (French Legation Museum, 802 San Marcos St, 5:00 pm)

Still Corners- Waterloo Cycles/SXSW Waterloo Showcase (Waterloo Cycles, 5:15 pm)

Dizzy Eyes- CMRTYZ party (lot at 6th & Waller behind Cheer Up Charlie’s, 1112 E. 6th St., 5:30 pm)

Hunx and His Punx- Big Freedia show (Loft 718 upstairs, 718 Congress, 6:00 pm)

La Sera- I Hate Rock n’ Roll (Trailer Space, 1401 Rosewood, 6:30 pm)

Dizzy Eyes- Barsuk showcase (Red Eyed Fly, 8:00 pm)

Hunx and his Punx- CMRTYZ party (lot at 6th & Waller behind Cheer Up Charlie’s, 1112 E. 6th St., 8:00 pm)

Fergus & Geronimo- Force Field showcase (Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St., 9:45 pm)

Unnatural Helpers- CMRTYZ party (lot at 6th & Waller behind Cheer Up Charlie’s, 1112 E. 6th St., 11:45 pm)

Colleen Green- Group Tightner party (Cheer up Charlie’s, 1104 E 6th St., 12 am)

Hunx and His Punx- Force Field showcase (Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St., 1:30 am)

Dum Dum Girls- Pitchfork #Offline (East Side Drive-In, 1001 E 6th, 6:00 pm)

Mister Heavenly- Hollerado Nacho House (Beauty Bar, 617 E 7th St, 5:15 pm)

Vetiver (Hotel San Jose, 1316 South Congress Ave., 6:00 pm)

Memoryhouse- Poolside Performance (Party Condo, 80 Red River, 6 pm)

Obits- Brooklyn Vegan Day Party (Barbarellas, 615 Red River, TBD)

J Mascis- Paste Party (7:00 pm)

Memoryhouse- Gorilla vs Bear / Transparent Showcase (Double Down Lounge, 515 Pedernales St, 11:00 pm)

Retribution Gospel Choir- Domino Publishing Showcase (Emo’s Jr., 603 Red River, 12:15 am)

Friday March 18

The Moondoggies- Waterloo instore (600 N Lamar Blvd, 12:00 pm)

La Sera- Ground Control (Urban Outfitters, 2406 Guadalupe Street, 12:00 pm)

Colleen Green- Altered Zones party (Cheer Up Charlie’s, 1104 E 6th St., 2:00 pm)

La Sera- Waterloo instore (600 N Lamar Blvd, 3:00 pm)

The Moondoggies- Treehouse Diddly (Cheers, 416 E 6th St., 4:30 pm)

Still Corners- My Old Kentucky Blog Party (Peckerheads, 402 E 6th St., 12:00 pm)

Dum Dum Girls- instore (Waterloo Records, 600 N Lamar Blvd, 12:30 pm)

Memoryhouse- Pitchfork Party (East Side Drive-In, 1001 E 6th St, 12:45-1:15 pm)

J Mascis- WMG Six Sounds party (Arthouse, Jones Center 7th and Congress, 2:00 pm)

King Tuff- Ground Control Touring Party (Urban Outfitters, 2406 Guadalupe, 2:00 pm)

Still Corners- (Homeslice Pizza, 2:20 pm)

Papercuts- Ground Control Touring Party (Urban Outfitters, 2506 Guadalupe, 3:00 pm)

Shabazz Palaces- Gorilla vs. Bear Party (Klub Krucial, 612 East 6th Street, 5:00 pm)

Low- The Onion/AV Club Day Party (Mohawk (indoor stage), 912 Red River, 5:00 pm)

J Mascis- Brooklyn Vegan Party (5:00 pm)

King Tuff- Knitting Factory Showcase (Rusty Spurs, 405 East 7th St.)

Dum Dum Girls- Filter / Dickies Party (Lustre Pearl, 97 Rainey Street, 6:00 pm)

Sub Pop / Hardly Art split showcase (Red 7, 611 E 7th St.)

Sub Pop stage (outside):

8:00 pm – Jaill
8:50 pm – Shabazz Palaces
9:40 pm – Obits
10:30 pm – Papercuts
11:20 pm – Dum Dum Girls
12:10 am – J Mascis
1:00 am – The Head and The Heart

Hardly Art stage (inside):

8:15 pm – Colleen Green
9:15 pm – The Moondoggies
10:15 pm – Hunx and Hix Punx
11:15 pm – Unnatural Helpers
12:15 am – Fergus & Geronimo
1:15 am – La Sera

Head and the Heart- Billions Showcase (Antones, 213 W 5th St., 8:00 pm)

Still Corners- NXNE Showcase (Club Deville, 900 Red River St, 9:00 pm)

King Tuff- CMRTZ Party (Cheer Up Charlies, 1104 East 6th St, 1:30 am)

Saturday March 19

Hardly Art Pizza Party showcase (End of an Ear, 2209 S. 1st St, 1-3pm):

1:00 pm – Colleen Green
1:45 pm – Dizzy Eyes
2:30 pm – Fergus & Geronimo

Hunx and His Punx- I Hate Rock n’ Roll party (Trailer Space, 1401 Rosewood, 2:00 pm)

The Moondoggies- KXSC & KVRX show (Domy Books, 913 E. Cesar Chavez, 2:45 pm)

La Sera- Fader Fort party (1101 E. 5th St (between San Marcos & Waller), 3:00 pm)

Unnatural Helpers- Burger Records house party (500 W 51st St., 7:00 pm)

Fergus & Geronimo- Panache showcase/party (Mohawk (inside), 912 Red River, 10:30 pm)

Dum Dum Girls- Warterloo Records (Waterloo, 600a North Lamar, 1:00 pm)

Papercuts- Nomanis Party (Flamingo Cantina, 515 East 6th St, 2:00 pm)

Dum Dum Girls- Hell Yes! / Art fag / Impose Showcase (Long Branch Inn, 2:00 pm)

J Mascis- (Waterloo Indoors, 4:30 pm)

Still Corners- Music For Listeners (Red House Pizzeria, 1917 Manor Road, 7:00 pm)

Vetiver- instore (Patagonia, 4th and Congress, 8:15 pm)

King Tuff- Burger Records House Party (500 W 51st St., 12:00 am)

Sunday March 20

Unnatural Helpers- Panache Hangover Party (Beerland, 711 Red River, 1:00 pm)

Fergus & Geronimo- Panache Hangover Party (Beerland, 711 Red River, 7:30 pm)

Unnatural Helpers- show w/ Shannon and the Clams, (Beerland, 711 Red River, 10:00pm)

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MON, JUN 20, 2011 at 10:03 AM

Memoryhouse “The Years” out September 13!!!

Memoryhouse, the duo of Evan Abeele (composer) and Denise Nouvion (vocals), hails from Toronto, Canada. Their music blends the contemporary with the forgotten, the traditional and the technological, the visual and the aural, within the sonographic landscape of pop.

The duo’s discography consists of two 7" singles, “Lately (Deuxieme)” b/w “Lately (Teengirl Fantasy Natural Mix)” on Inflated Records and the “Caregiver” b/w “Heirloom” single on Suicide Squeeze Records, and a self-released, digital-only EP entitled, The Years which was released in February 2010. The Years earned praise from Stereogum, AOL Spinner, The Line of Best Fit, and Pitchfork, among others. And Pitchfork had this to say about the original release: “…the EP clearly sets Abeele and Nouvion apart from their more amateur peers. The Years may be awash in nostalgia, but far from inviting unfavorable comparisons, it mostly confirms that the past was indeed as good as you remember.”

On September 13, 2011 Sub Pop Records will release a fully re-recorded, remixed and re-mastered version of The Years, adding two new tracks entitled “Modern, Normal” and “Quiet America.” The Years was re-recorded and mixed by Evan Abeele with the help of Daniel Gray in Toronto. While technically an expanded and improved reissue, this version of The Years will be the first time the EP has been made available on CD or LP. This is exciting. Also exciting: with the release of The Years, the band will be touring in the US and will play at the 2011 CMJ Music Marathon festival in October.

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TUE, AUG 16, 2011 at 4:41 AM

Full Album Stream of Michael Yonkers’ MICROMINIATURE LOVE

Microminiature Love: finally back on vinyl and out today!

Originally recorded in 1968 and slated for release on Sire Records, Microminiature Love languished unreleased until unearthed and issued by De Stijl Records as a very limited, vinyl-only pressing in 2002. This pressing sold out nearly immediately and was followed in July 2003 by Sub Pop’s CD-only reissue, which included six bonus tracks recorded around the same time in 1968 as the album tracks. Sub Pop’s Aug. 16, 2011 vinyl reissue of Microminiature Love presents the album in its original 7-song version, and all six of the bonus tracks from the CD will be included in the download that comes with the LP.

Proceeds from the sales of this LP reissue will benefit the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation.

Our friends at Aquarius Records had the following to say about the original vinyl release:

“An obscure late-sixties ahead-of-his-time visionary gets his due with this LP reissue. Yonkers’ stuff was like nothing anyone had heard back then (or even now really): fucked-up garage psych with dementedly genius lyrics and crazy acid-fried guitar. Yonkers, a legendary Minneapolis-area figure, built his own effects pedals, cut his Fender Telecaster down to a plank, and played like no one else ever. I’m at a loss of words on how to describe this. It’s sort of like a fusion of stripped down Black Sabbath, The Troggs, Pere Ubu, and The Cramps??”

Buy it here!

Microminiature Love:

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THU, MAR 3, 2011 at 3:03 AM

Chad VanGaalen will welcome you to Diaper Island on May 17th!


Every so often, Chad VanGaalen emerges from his bunker in Calgary with a batch of songs, giving us a window into the private world of this reclusive and enigmatic songwriter. With Diaper Island, VanGaalen distills his approach, producing his most sonically cohesive album to date, and the closest thing he has done to a rock album.

While VanGaalen’s three previous records were made in a cramped basement studio, a move to a larger recording room offered space to develop and refine his sound. Fresh from producing Women’s critically lauded Public Strain, VanGaalen decided to avoid the comfort of working on previous ground, and apply some of the recording techniques and sonic ideas that emerged from those sessions. For the first time, multi-tracked and often overdriven guitar is the instrument at the centre of the songs, which are often spartan and free of the melodic details that embellished previous albums. With this focus on guitar, combined with a beloved vintage tape machine determining the sound, VanGaalen moved towards a leaner, no-frills approach—one that more closely resembles the music that influenced him as a teenager, while continuing the arc laid out in his previous work.

The paradox of trying to assert control in a climate of helplessness winds through the album, whether in the existential pondering on life and death that often pervades VanGaalen’s songs (“Do Not Fear,” “Replace Me”), or in the conflict between control and creativity (“Freedom for a Policeman,” “No Panic, No Heat”). At the album’s heart is “Sara,” a simple and celebratory paean that gorgeously praises the ability of VanGaalen’s partner and muse to nurture his creativity in the face of this uncertainty, and captures the songwriter at his most sincere and powerful.

At this point Chad VanGaalen may perhaps be better known for his illustrative rather than his musical output. As was the case with all of his previous albums, VanGaalen has illustrated all of the art for Diaper Island himself. He’s also in the midst of animating a music video as well. His past videos have been collectively viewed well over a million times on youtube. He’s also animated music videos for folks like J Mascis, Guster, and Holy Fuck.

VanGaalen has been quietly building a catalogue of songs, illustrations, and animations that invite listeners to gently explore his distinctive creativity. Diaper Island extends the adventure into deeper territory, tapping into VanGaalen’s lifeblood and mining the richness of his mind with sharper tools.

2004 Infiniheart
2006 Skelliconnection
2008 Soft Airplane
2011 Diaper Island

Click here for all things Chad VanGaalen. Get stoked people.

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