THU, AUG 25, 2011 at 6:25 AM

The not at all endless countdown to Male Bonding’s Endless Now: Installment # 1

Male Bonding’s new album Endless Now comes out on Monday, August 29th here in these Untied States and in the UK and Europe on September 5th. A few weeks back the band played the entirety of Endless Now in London at the Buffalo Bar’s 10th anniversary party (why not read about it on Male Bonding’s often very entertaining blog?). And because we could not all be there to see this performance and also because we are deeply interested in convincing you of the excellence of this new Male Bonding record, we paid Conan Roberts much, much less than he is worth to film the show.

And now we are going to give to you, over the course of the next five days, live video clips of five songs from Endless Now. The first of these is for Tame the Sun.

(You can also hear and download the album version of Tame the Sun)

Here’s the full schedule for the COUNTDOWN TO ENDLESS NOW:

Thursday, August 25th (aka today): Tame the Sun
Friday, August 26th: “Bones”
Saturday, August 27th: “Before It’s Gone”
Sunday, August 28th: “What’s That Scene?”
Monday, August 29th (aka release day!): “Can’t Dream”

Posted by Alissa Gallivan