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MON, OCT 18, 2010 at 4:10 AM

New Music from Dntel

Dntel is the operational alias for Los Angeles resident Jimmy Tamborello. Jimmy also sometimes records and releases music under the name James Figurine. He is also the host of the Dublab radio show “Dying Songs.” And, he is also, it’s true, one half of The Postal Service (whose 2003 album Give Up is Sub Pop’s second best-selling album of all time). In 2007, we at Sub Pop released the most recent Dntel album, entitled Dumb Luck which included contributions from a whole raft of talented people too numerous to list here (a short version of that list would include members of Grizzly Bear, Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, and Arthur & Yu).

On Dec. 7th, 2010 we are releasing new music from Dntel in the form of a pair of companion EPs, entitled After Parties 1 and (very sensibly, given their complementary relationship) After Parties 2. These two EPs collect 8 new Dntel tracks (3 on After Parties 1 and 5 on After Parties 2) which are a bit more minimalist and experimental in nature, all of them instrumental, and feature (to the best of our “knowledge”) a list of guest contributors numbering exactly zero. These 8 new tracks are also, we are able to discern even through the mist of biases both personal and professional, really something special.
Both After Parties 1 and After Parties 2 will be available on 12" vinyl and as weightless, odorless digital audio files; neither will be available on CD.

It is worth mentioning here that at some as-yet-undefined point in 2011 we will be releasing an expanded reissue of Dntel’s 2001 full-length Life Is Full of Possibilities, which is not only a great record, but notable for, among a great many other things, including the collaboration between Ben Gibbard and Jimmy (on “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan”) which led to the formation of The Postal Service.

MP3 downloads of the Dntel tracks “After Parties” and “Flares” are available in the player above.

More information on After Parties 1 and After Parties 2 can be found here.

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TUE, OCT 5, 2010 at 6:13 AM


If you’re in Seattle this Saturday and are a young person interested in learning more about how to market your band, book shows for your band or you’d like to learn more about music industry jobs, you might be interested The Seattle Hip-Hop Career & Music Business Expo.

The Seattle Hip-Hop Career & Business Expo, scheduled for October 9, 2010 at the Vera Project – Seattle Center is part of the Seattle City of Music Festival and will focus on introducing young people who are part of the hip-hop generation to the many career and business opportunities in and around hip-hop music and culture as well as providing aspiring artists and entrepreneurs with tools to grow their careers and businesses.

There will be many local and talented people speaking including our own Head of A&R, Tony Kiewel as well as our VP of Licensing, Jen Czeisler.

You can find more details here.

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MON, OCT 25, 2010 at 7:29 AM

Our friend has died


Last Thursday evening, October 21st, driving his young daughter Anna home after picking her up from daycare, our co-worker Andy Kotowicz was involved in a terrible car accident that, so incredibly sadly, proved fatal. In what qualifies as nothing short of miraculous and definitively heroic, his daughter was pulled from the remains of the car, while it was on fire, by a local business owner who witnessed the accident. Though this same person tried and was unable to rescue Andy, I can think of no greater favor to our friend than saving his daughter’s life. And, in some small measure of thanks, we will all be eating as many Rizzo’s French Dip sandwiches as we can hold for a very long time. “Thank you” seems ridiculously inadequate, but thank you. Thank you.

Andy was under care at Harborview Medical Center in a coma until Saturday evening when he was taken off life support in the company of his immediate family. He was an organ donor and a recipient for his kidneys was found very soon after his passing. This is a small indication of the kind of guy he was.

Anna suffered some bruises and a broken arm, but is now home with her mother and family and is, we are told, recovering and adapting. There is a lesson here about the resilience and redemptive powers of children that we can all hope to learn from.

And so, those are the facts as we know them regarding the accident.

The facts as I know them regarding my friend, our friend, I am, I’m sorry to admit, unable to fully present right now. It’s too, too much. He was smart and funny and enthused; passionate in his love of music and his family; a patient and steadfast friend. He worked here at Sub Pop for the past ten and a half years and his contributions here, to the bands and artists we work with, and to us are innumerable and though I will be forced to do so, we all will, I cannot imagine any of it without him. I admired him, respected him, turned to him when I needed help and he never failed me. I know the rest of his family here feel the same. He was universally loved and it was all of our great good fortune to find ourselves in his company.

There will be more to say and write about this later, but right now, our friend has died and we are simply and utterly heartbroken.

Please see below There will be a memorial service for Andy here in Seattle soon, and when we have those details together we’ll post them here. We’re also putting together a charitable fund for Andy’s family and when that’s set up, we’ll share that info here as well. Please see below

We love you, Andy, and will miss you every day.

UPDATE w/r/t Andy’s memorial service and donations…

In memory, honor and celebration of the life of Andy Kotowicz, there will be a memorial service held at Seattle’s Town Hall on Monday, November 1st, 2010 beginning at 1:00 pm.

We hope to see you there.

Town Hall is located here:
1119 Eighth Avenue (at Seneca Street)
Seattle, WA 98101
Directions and parking info

It’s recently been brought to our attention that we should add a little bit of info here w/r/t what to wear to Andy’s memorial. His family requested that, in keeping with the spirit of the man we’re gathering to honor, the event be kept informal. You should please come as you are.

A Sound Community Bank account is now available to accept donations for Andy Kotowicz’s family.

Please make checks payable to the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation.

They can be mailed here:
Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation
c/o Sub Pop Records
2013 Fourth Ave., 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98121

Or checks can be delivered to Sound Community Bank at one of the locations listed here

There is a link to donate via Paypal here.

Still further…
Andy supported the organizations below. You might like to do the same.


The Greening of Detroit

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THU, OCT 7, 2010 at 9:06 AM

Listen to an Exclusive Kelley Stoltz Bonus Tune!


Tuesday, October 12th is quickly approaching, and those of you who have already placed your order for Kelley Stoltz’s new record, To Dreamers, good for you—you’re guaranteed a copy of the Limited Edition Bonus CDR featuring five tracks unavailable anywhere else. Those who haven’t, don’t worry, you still have time, Tuesday is still a few days away. Anyway, here’s just one of the tracks to whet your appetite.

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