MON, DEC 21, 2009 at 4:27 AM

For the record #10 Ugly Casanova - Sharpen Your Teeth


Welcome to For the Record #10. I would love to focus your attention on another oldie but goodie, Ugly Casanova’s Sharpen Your Teeth.

Band: Ugly Casanova
Record: Sharpen Your Teeth
When you told you about the first time: May 21, 2002

Ugly Casanova released only one record. The band consisted mainly of Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse with additional vocals by John Orth of Holopaw. The songs are unmistakably Isaac’s; they’re quirky, poppy, folky and still as interesting to me today as when i first heard them 8 years ago. Hotcha Girls and Cat Faces are two of the prettiest songs ever.

I have so many great memories working at Sub Pop with Isaac on this record and aside from developing some great friendships that i still treasure, we got a pretty great record that I know I’ll continue to enjoy for a really long time. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by purchasing it for yourself or a buddy. You can buy it here for the special price of $6 for the next 48 hours or you can buy the mp3’s for $4.

If you already own this record, go grab it and listen to it again. Let your berries dingle and balls jingle to it.

Happy Holidays!

Posted by megan jasper