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Hi all, and welcome to the first installment of Hardly News.

As you faithful Sub Pop blog readers likely know Sub Pop not long ago started a small label within a label called Hardly Art, run by the terrifically charming and damn nice-looking Sarah Moody and Nick Heliotis (hey, that’s me!). Our friends at Sub Pop recently explained to us that it is important to “connect with the little people” and “make sure people know that you exist” and in an effort to comply I am going to be posting here on the Sub Pop blog from time to time to let you all know what is happening in the wild world of Hardly Art.

So, I suppose the BIG NEWS this month is the impending release of HAR-007 aka Talbot Tagora’s Lessons in the Woods or a City (LP/CD out July 21). Talbot Tagora is an art-punk trio from our fair Seattle who are currently on tour with LA’s Abe Vigoda – take a look at their tour schedule here and see if they are stopping in your town (they probably are, it’s a long tour). You can also snag a free MP3 from the record here, and if you want to read a rather early and entirely glowing review of the record you can check out what Creative Loafing had to say about it over here.

In just one short week, Hardly Art will be heading to Chicago to watch the Dutchess & the Duke play at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival. We are excited not only to visit the windy city but also to watch the Dutchess & the Duke debut some songs from their new record Sunset / Sunrise_, just scheduled for an October 6th release. This will be the band’s second release, the follow up to last year’s much beloved "_She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke":

Also also also, and lastly. Hardly Art is (are?) particularly excited about this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party here in Seattle, not just because the lineup is absolutely stellar but also because three (3?) (3!!) of our bands are playing the festival this year. The Dutchess & the Duke will be playing Friday July 24th, whereas the Moondoggies and the Pica Beats will be playing Saturday, July 25th. We sincerely hope to see you there.

In summation, thanks for listening. If you want to be constantly bombarded by Hardly Art updates instead of just stumbling upon them every month or so on here you should go ahead and follow us on Twitter, be-fan us on Facebook, friend us on Myspace and sign up for our email-ing list over at our website.

Until next time, you good looking bastards you
—Nick/Hardly Art

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