MON, JUL 6, 2009 at 3:13 AM

Tiny Vipers’ Life on Earth Out July 7th


After a couple months of reissues and ultra-deluxely packaged b-side comps (see: Iron & Wine and The Vaselines), Tiny Vipers brings us our first new full-length release of the summer. Life on Earth, Tiny Vipers’ second album is available on CD and MP3 July 7th, and as per usual, we’re going to sweeten the metaphorical pot with some proverbial sugar. If you pre-order Life on Earth from us at anytime before July 7th, you’ll also receive a truly limited Tiny Vipers home-recorded ambient piece on CDR called Blades of Grass. This Blades of Grass CDR is only available only to online pre-orderers only! So become one of those pre-orderers! By pre-orderering! To show you we aren’t fooling around with this incentivizing business, we’ll also throw in a button and a couple stickers.

Pre-order Life on Earth

Download “Dreamer” from Life on Earth