FRI, OCT 3, 2008 at 3:34 AM

Daniel Martin Moore Debut Out October 7th


(Stream Stray Age in full here!)

On October 7th, Stray Age, the debut recording from Daniel Martin Moore will be available to you on CD and as modern, downloadable MP3s. You’ve never heard of Daniel Martin Moore, from Cold Spring, Kentucky and that’s okay. Before we got his unsolicited demo in January 2007, neither had we. Luckily, he’d heard of us, and contacted us the way people in Cold Spring still do—he sent us a package, just to see what would happen. We caught up with Daniel while he was working at a friend’s bed and breakfast in Costa Rica. Recorded in Los Angeles in late 2007/early 2008, Stray Age is his stunning, understated debut.

If you pre-order Stray Age by October 7th, we’ll throw in, at no charge to you, a limited CDR featuring four demos, three of which are exclusive to this release. And, as-per-usual, you can expect some stickers and a button or two.

Do us all a favor and pre-order Stray Age here.

Listen to Daniel here

Posted by Sam Sawyer