THU, APR 24, 2008 at 9:54 AM

Free Stuff With Your No Age Pre-order, For Real.


On May 6th, we at Sub Pop will be doing the world a real solid by releasing the first proper No Age full-length! It’s called Nouns and will be available in CD, MP3 and mind-blowing, fidelity-maximizing LP format (complete with a coupon to download the entire album as MP3s). And, in our ongoing quest to turn your money into our money, through the charming, old-timey concept of “selling music,” we are really piling on the incentives. If you pre-order Nouns by May 6th, you’ll receive a limited-edition poster featuring an Ed Templeton photograph of No Age, covered with a drawing by this same, broadly-talented artiste, Mr. Templeton (see rotating photos associated with this post for a visual representation of what the previous sentence described). Plus, as if this amazing record weren’t incentive enough, we’re throwing in some free No Age-related stickers and a button.

Pre-order Nouns here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer