WED, FEB 13, 2008 at 8:55 AM

Free Ltd. 7” with Grand Archives Pre-order


February 19th is probably going to be a pretty crappy day weather-wise wherever you happen to be, and unless you’re excessively goth, you’re probably gonna be pretty bummed about it. We here at Sub Pop had the remarkable foresight to bring you a record scientifically-designed and precision-engineered to combat any symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) you might be feeling. Your February 19th is going to be a little brighter with the debut from Grand Archives. Or, you could just hide all the knives in your house and curl up into a ball until spring. We think The Grand Archives makes a lot more sense. And, if you pre-order The Grand Archives on CD or LP by release date, we’ll throw in a bonus seven-inch (because vinyl sounds a little warmer or whatever). And just like all of our online customers, you’ll also get a button and a couple stickers! Because that’s just how we do.

Pick it up here.

OH! And the limited seven-inch is on the rarest of earthly elements – white vinyl!

Posted by Sam Sawyer