TUE, FEB 12, 2008 at 8:32 AM

Flight of the Conchords won a damn Grammy!


Somewhat unbelievably, though no less deservedly, Flight of the Conchords won an actual Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album the other night! For a record (The Distant Future) that we, here at Sub Pop, released!


Ever since David Cross’s Shut Up, You Fucking Baby lost to Weird Al’s Poodle Hat album back in ‘04, we kinda figured we’d never win one. But, maybe David just shouldn’t have used the word “Fucking” in the title of his album?

Anyhoo, congratulations on your Grammy Bret and Jemaine! We’re surpassingly proud to bask in your reflected glory.

And, congratulations also to The Shins on their Best Alternative Album Grammy nomination! Though they didn’t win (The White Stripes did), it’s an enormous honor just to be nominated. And their album Wincing the Fucking Night Away is no less amazing for not winning.

Posted by Chris Jacobs