THU, NOV 1, 2007 at 10:28 AM

Please, Buy Our MP3s!


As you may or may not now know, we are now offering MP3 versions of albums for sale on our site. This is a good thing, and something that we here in the Office of the Technical Staff and at Sub Pop Headquarters in general are super excited about.

So what are the details? Well, let me enumerate…

  • As I write this, we are currently offering somewhere in between 10 and 20 full albums as zip files containing 192khz MP3s of each track on said albums. In the next few days we will be putting up the bulk of our catalog.
  • If you see a little iPod™-like icon in the list of available formats with “MP3s” beside it, that means the record is available in downloadable MP3 format.
  • You can purchase the MP3s in the same way as you purchase anything else on the site. Just click the icon and add it to your cart. The MP3s will be available for download once you’ve completed your transaction. You can freely mix digital with non-digital thingies and we’ll (happily) figure out what’s what and process your order.
  • Because we’re running you through our normal cart, we’ll ask you for things like your shipping address. Please take the time to fill this out correctly! We won’t come knocking at your door or send you any junk mail and if you do decide to buy physical product at a later date, it’ll be that much easier for you to check out.
  • Once you’ve purchased your MP3s they’ll be available for download on your user account page.
  • Not only that, but you can download the files you’ve purchased from your account page at any time and multiple times — if we update the download in any way (think bitrate or bonus tracks or whatever), you can just log in, go to your download page and get the new version of the file.

Why 192khz? Well, when we were working this stuff out it seemed like a pretty great compromise between downloadability and fidelity, but if we’re faced with an overwhelming demand for higher bitrate files, we’ll certainly do what we can to accommodate. And we’ll be sure to make any updates available to those who’ve already purchased from us!

We’re excited for you to try this out, so get at it! We’re also ready to reward (read: bribe) you, our loyal customers for choosing our digital experience, so keep on the lookout for bonus downloads, album previews and anything else that we can think of to keep you on the line.

Have fun, and buy some stuff!

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson