MON, OCT 8, 2007 at 5:17 AM

Get a free Band of Horses song at Starbucks tomorrow (10/9)!


Last week Starbucks kicked off the Song of the Day promotion through which they’re giving away a free song download every day for 37 days at more than 10,000 of their stores. And, the Band of Horses song “No One’s Gonna Love You” will be featured as the “Song of the Day” on Tuesday, October 9th! That’s tomorrow!

So, tomorrow, October 9th, you can go into a Starbucks, get one of these “Song of the Day” cards and use the code on the back for a free iTunes download of “No One’s Gonna Love You.” They are giving away over a million of these things! Tomorrow (October 9th) is also, not at all coincidentally, the release date for the new Band of Horses’ album Cease to Begin, which we are not giving away for free and are in fact, in an adorably anachronistic sort of a way, attempting to sell for money.

To recap: Tomorrow, October 9th, go to Starbucks to get the Band of Horses “Song of the Day” free download card, and then buy their not-free-but-attractively-priced album Cease to Begin.

Posted by Chris Jacobs