FRI, JUL 20, 2007 at 8:36 AM

Angelina Just Wants her Jeans Back


This week People Who Work Here travels to the far away lands of the cubicle right next door to bring you Angelina Saez, Sub Pop’s resident accounting/ticket buy lady. If you are a vendor she is the lady who types up your invoices and if you work at a venue where Sub Pop bands play, she’s the one who hands over our credit card info to purchase the tickets that we give to our contacts. Angelina talks on the phone a lot and I sometimes hear her arguing with her Greek boyfriend about whether or not they are going to happy hour. Okay, this really only happened once but it sticks out in my mind for some reason. Let’s meet Angelina!

L: Where did you work before Sub Pop? What was the best thing about it? What was the worst?
A: I worked at Hurley International as the Northern California merchandiser and freelance fashion stylist. It was good because I was able to travel all over the country to locations I probably wouldn’t have otherwise for free working on photo shoots and work out of home (by home I mean 400 sq ft studio) in San Francisco. The worst part was that I did styling for Eddie Bauer a bunch and it was really hard to make the frumpy clothes look like fashion pieces. Then with Hurley I had to drive to Modesto and Sacramento from my San Francisco apartment. It sucked to be in my 87 Integra on the open road for hours at a time and the scenery was less than thrilling.
L: How would you describe your personality?
A: It’s almost like I have a split personality. At Sub Pop I am pretty reserved and try to exhibit good behavior. In my personal life I’m a crazy mess and my friends love me and hate me all at the same time. I’m very opinionated and love to give advice (often not warranted) [I’ll say! –ed] and have a need for organization, cleanliness, and for things to be pretty. [She put wrapping paper on her cubicle walls b/c they were too green. –ed.] So, I am probably a high maintenance beeaaach to say the least.
L: If you could change one thing about who you are what would it be?
A: To not be so uptight. I’m not sure when it happened, but all of a sudden I became a cross between Martha Stuart and Madonna (the current one, not the one who wrote the sex book.) [I’m glad we’re not dating. –ed.]
L: You’ve often referenced your old partying ways—tell me more about this. What does partying mean to you?
A: I grew up in Auburn, WA and small towns are crazy. I wasn’t much of a drinker, but my friends were into experimenting. We spent a good deal of time picking mushrooms and tripping around town. Whoever thinks raising kids in a small town is a good idea has obviously never been to Auburn. Then I turned 21 and it was like this crazy lady, I named her Shelia, popped out of nowhere and apparently had to make up for lost time. Shelia watched the sun rise way too many times and it started to take a toll on my youthful glow. Luckily vanity took over and the bags under the eyes lost out to eye cream and the cigarettes had to go because they age your skin and can give you fine lines around the mouth. I don’t think there’s been any permanent damage [Are you sure? –ed.] because I can think clearly and often make complete sentences. All and all I wouldn’t change any of it, well except for one incident, but I’m not about to delve into that. I’m grateful that my own experiences have made me more open to and less likely to judge others for what they decide to partake in because I’ve probably done it myself.
L: You just bought a house—is this the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Did you save up a ton of money? Is it scary?
A: I think it’s the sanest thing I’ve ever done, because I didn’t really do anything but find it. My boyfriend, Minos (yes, he’s Greek and no we don’t do it in the butt, Lacey) [Then he’s not really Greek… -ed.] is the one who actually purchased the house I am just going to decorate it. I love to make things look pretty and can’t wait to start beautifying. [Here’s a small piece of advice—do not put wrapping paper on all your walls. –ed.] I’m not crazy like having special sets of dishes for every occasion, but I almost get a rush when putting together a room. It’s crazy. [Yes, I’ve seen this on that show Intervention—the ladies who are shopaholics look crazier than your run of the mill crackheads. You might want to get this checked out… -ed.]
L: You also teach yoga—tell me how you got into yoga and how one becomes a yoga instructor. Do you yell at people when they’re doing it wrong?
A: I was in SF working for Hurley and I decided that California just wasn’t my thing. I immediately quit my job, started packing and returned to good old Seattle. Once back I had an anxiety attack and the reality of what I’d done started setting in. Realizing I’d quit a great job without another one lined up and had zero health insurance the obvious thing to do was teach yoga. [Obviously. –ed.] I found a teachers training program and signed up. You have to complete 250 hours of training on the various postures, pranayamas, and history of yoga that is determined by the Yoga Alliance. I don’t teach Bikrim, that is the more aggressive yoga that can have yelling. I’m not really into that. I mainly teach flow which allows me to combine a bunch of different methods and I love my students to much to yell at them. You should come to my Saturday class at 11, you’ll love it. [It’s not really my thing—I like yelling. –ed.]
L: What’s your favorite band ever?
A: I am a total sucker for the one hit wonders. I’ve purchased several albums based on the one hit and have been fooled time and time again. [What’s that saying about crazy is repeating the same thing and expecting different resuts? –ed.] I’m the friend that plays the same album over and over again without ever getting sick of it (even if you do). [I would kill you. –ed.] I love Gish from the Smashing Pumpkins, but I can’t say there my all time favorite band. [So, you’re not stoked for Zeitgeist? –ed.]
L: What’s your favorite band on Sub Pop?
A: Postal Service (I’ve had it in the car CD player since it came out and still love it)
L: What rockstar would you show your jugs to?
A: Who hasn’t seen them? Kidding. I’m not really a breast flasher. Until my 30’s I didn’t really have breasts then out of know where I had to start wearing a bra. What the crap? [That’s totally bogus. Did you finally get your period, too? –ed.]
L: Please tell me about your very first day of high school. What were you like then?
A: I was just looking at my senior annual [ie. Yearbook. -ed.] and I have apparently gone into denial about what my eyebrows used to look like and that the 90’s were way cooler than the 80’s. I could’ve (and probably still can) give Brooke Shields a run for the money and the fashion wasn’t as cute as I made it in my head. My first day of high school was easy since I had friends already attending (never date boys in your grade, always go for the older) [Friends, eh? –ed.]. Auburn High had about 3000 students so there were friends for everyone and lots of parties and kegs in the woods. I have a fondness for high school, but skipped the reunion in 2003. Maybe 2013 I’ll check it out.
L: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
A: Back in my Diesel jeans from age 25, I can barely get them over my thighs, but I will by Christmas, come hell or high water! (I don’t think Diesels are even in fashion anymore, but I am very serious.) [I couldn’t tell you either. My jeans have a tummy tuck panel sewn into them. No shit. –ed.]
L: Please tell me if you plan on having babies and why or why not?
A: No babies, no babies, no babies! Well, not in the immediate future. Kids are great, but the whole growing inside you like a parasite really freaks me out. I like the idea of being a foster parent and giving some of the kids in there teens a chance to have a safe home and get them into a good college. Plus if I’m going to work hard to get back into my damn Diesel jeans, I don’t need any extra pounds and you can’t drink for nine months and that is too committal for me right now.
L: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
A: Never assume anything. I try not to, but the damn Western mind (learned about this in yoga school) just starts racing through a ton of scenarios and then I’m totally worked over and hiding in a closet in the fetal position. I am really working on this and hope to find serenity. Serenity now!! [Your adoption plans just went down the tubes, lady! -ed.]
L:Guess a number between 1 and 10.
A: 11 is my lucky number, but since it’s not an option how about 2? [Nope. –ed.]