TUE, MAY 1, 2007 at 11:00 AM

Oxford Collapse at Tufts University’s “Spring Fling” Inspires a Little Bit of Both


Our friends in Oxford Collapse recently played the Tufts University “Spring Fling” on a definitively eclectic bill with Spoon, Lupe Fiasco, and T.I. And, as if that weren’t peculiar enough in itself (wonderfully, providentially so, but still a little weird, right?), today we received the photo here…

Of course, when given mud, live music, and (we can only assume) cheap, industrial-grade intoxicants by the barrel, college students go all ape-shit, a la Woodstock ‘94. There’s your “fling.” But, look closer! Under the beneficent influence of the Oxford Collapse, at least two of these filth-spattered delinquents have found something not entirely dissimilar to love-like feelings for one another! Now, that’s what I call drunk! Breathe deeply, friends. That musky, malt-liquor-y, manure-tinged scent? There’s your “spring.”

We found such hope in this photo, and the sort of true spirit of spring embodied by the music of Oxford Collapse, that we had to share it with you. Now, please go purchase their equally spirited and excellent recent album Remember the Night Parties