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Sub Pop vs. The Forces of Evil


From the very outset, we at Sub Pop Records have displayed a deep commitment to conspicuous self-promotion (and questionable taste in “music”). But, a bit more discreetly and when we have found ourselves flush enough to afford such largesse, we have also done our best to support worthy organizations in our community, and beyond. Seattle’s Vera Project (a music/ arts center run by and for youth) and The Service Board (a community service, mentoring and snowboarding program for high school-age youth) are a couple of those that we have worked with regularly over the past several years.

Recently, the powers that be here at Sub Pop HQ (basically a middle-aged, temperamental Chihuahua named Vito) resolved to systematize our charitable donations in as quasi-democratic a way as we are capable of barely understanding.

Thus spake Vito:

Every three months (or, in the parlance of more structured places of employ, “quarter”), in a grand ceremony involving a plastic bowl of questionable origin and cleanliness, the names of three Sub Pop employees are picked at random. Over the course of the following three months, these three together decide how to allocate the label’s contributions to organizations of their choosing. When that particular Gang of Three’s reign of benefaction comes to an end, a new group is chosen for the following three months. Basically: rinse and repeat.

All of this bears mentioning not solely for the sake of tooting our own horn, but also because this is currently the only means through which we are financially supporting the many, many good causes and organizations deserving of help. And also because we would very much like to bring the organizations below to your attention. Mostly the tooting out own horn thing though.

So far through this process Sub Pop has lent support to the following:

Update (3/08)!:

The return of the Sub Pop Loser Scholarship for 2008

Children’s Hospital

First Place School

Hollow Earth Radio

Nature Consortium

Northwest Film Forum

Summer Search

Update (9/07):

Alzheimer’s Association

Autism Speaks


Planned Parenthood of Western Washington

Providence Hospice of Seattle Foundation

Puget Sound Blood Center

Smile Network International

South Toward Home

As of 3/07:

826 Seattle

ACLU of Southern California

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Conservation International

Downtown Emergency Service Center

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Family Services


Lambert House

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Lifelong AIDS Alliance

Marine Conservation Biology Inst.

Media Matters for America

Metro Teen Aids

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Natural Resources Defense Council

Pasado’s Safe Haven

Pat Spurgeon Kidney Fund

People for the American Way

Power of Hope

Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls

The Sub Pop Scholarship

Tides Foundation

The Vera Project

Washington Toxics Coalition

We look forward to adding to this list and encourage you to take the time to learn more about these organizations.

Posted by Chris Jacobs