FRI, FEB 9, 2007 at 1:58 PM

Drinking Cold Beers After Work (listening to music)


Sometimes after work we actually hang out together in a friendly, heartfelt manner. Today after work Dean H. and Dean W. got drunk at the Canterbury and then headed over to Dean H.‘s to get drunker and listen to music. I came over to play Wii but it seems I will harsh everyone’s feelgood vibe if I turn on the TV. Here is what is playing on Dean H.’s iPod shuffle:

Crime “Piss On Your Dog”
Led Zeppelin “Rock and Roll”
The Ex “Grimm Stories”
Testicular Ambiance “Out of the Breeze”
Albert Ayler “Spirits”
Big Star “Try Again”
Miles Davis “Panthalassa:!!!!”
Little turkey “Perky Transmission”
The Stooges “Track 07”
Mannheim Steamroller “Little Drummer Boy”
Grap Luva “Check the Clock”
Sun City Girl “Swing of Kings”

Posted by Lacey Swain