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TRAFFIC O’ SUB POP: March 2001

With Anna “codeine, someone?” Woolverton

Guess what? The CEO of Sub Pop is currently developing gross toenails in
an ashram in India. This means nothing to you, unless you happen to be one
of the five salesmen from New Jersey who have never ever been able to get
him on the telephone. Let me ask you this, have you ever tried to Federal
Express something to India? Cutely, the hotel’s hold music is “It’s a Small
World After All,” which tinkers away like a Popsicle truck while you wait.
So to recap: Boss being in India means that I must fill out all paperwork
in triplicate and I am left with the tragic memory of my strawberry ice
treat falling off the stick onto the street. It must all mean something
but I do not know what!

With the new record 999 Levels of Undo (available March 6) our nifty poster
fellow for March is none other than Mr.
STEVE FISK, who speaks
here for several:

“Hi, Anna, Well its been a long time since I made a CD but frankly the last
13 years have been a little hectic. A lot of rock bands really needed my help.
Also the nineties saw samplers taken over by a questionable lot. They pulled the
bar down so low… well… you were there. You know how bad it was! Not that my
record is good purse but I had a lot of fun making it. And if anybody wants to
listen to what I do in my spare time, now there’s this CD. The title was taken
from a manual that came with a strange “digital” home studio a friend had. It
means you can always go backwards. No decisions are “undoable.” This is supposed
to be a good thing. What do you think?"

Well my heavens I do agree. However there are some decisions that can indeed be
undone but not without leaving a most unpleasant stain. BUT THAT IS NEITHER
HERE NOR THERE IS IT? The record is faboo to be sure, and Mr. Fisk has yet
again unleashed another creative masterpiece! If you have a bit of time to
scoot around here on the computer (what am I saying, it’s probably the only
thing you do!), may I suggest you take some time to look into the myriad of
projects Steve has had his hands upon. I shall warn you that all the stuff
he’s done has a way of making the few things you may have done seem rather
inconsequential and totally lame. Sigh… I hate that.

Also on the menu for March is one of my favorites:
with their follow up to Sound of Water called Interlude, consisting of b-sides
and outtakes from the former. Here are more of the results of the bands most
prolific time to date: the spring and summer of 1999. The record is out March
20, so sell your smelly leather pants to an unsuspecting used-fashions store
and buy this CD. Also, while I’m on the subject of fashion – walking with a
cane when you’re not injured is also right out. You Saint Et. Fans think you
don’t stick out, but uh ho ho – wrong again!
THE BLACK HALOS have a new
record just for you, available March 20…

I interrupt the traffic report to say “EARTHQUAKE! EARTHQUAKE! We are having
an earthquake! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Shit! Shit! Shit! (at this point I kind
of ran around in a circle by my desk briefly, before covering my face with my
hands. You know covering my face with my hands makes me invisible. I realize
this doesn’t make me sound very smart, but there you are.)

Later… Anyway skoob – as I was saying, the Black Halos have a new record
called The Violent Years, recorded with the very famous and also handsome and
charming (no checks Jack, just cash) Jack Endino! It’s got all manner of
fucked-up, dirty Canadian punk rock on there, so please rush out and buy it
post haste! In related news, the Black Halos just finished a video for the
song “Some Things Never Fall,” already submitted to Much Music, with a tamer
American version ready in a few weeks’ time. The song for the video debuted
on the Canadian National Charts at number 75 last week, and the band is about
to embark on an eight week North American tour, including dates with
FRANKENSTEIN and GOB. Check it out eh?

have been recording at the house of J. MASCIS with Thom Monahan of the Lilys
lending his hand. So la dee dah. PLEASURE FOREVER is hitting the road for SXSW
and continuing on up the east coast with I Am Spoonbender (the band, not that
Russian housewife). Plus, Sub Pop will be releasing a Pleasure Forever limited
edition 7” and EP which will be available on-line at the Mega Mart and from
the band during the tour. It’s fancy!

In other newsy bits: You are probably pissy because you cannot find your
way into a TREMBLING BLUE STARS show – one of
three planned for the east coast while everyone in New York happens to be in
Austin, Texas for the SXSW festival. March 17 at Brownies in NYC is already
sold out; March 18 at the Metro Café in DC; and March 20 at the Fez in NYC,
where the band will be performing as a trio as the drummer and bass player
will have gone home. I know! I know! But if you think everyone and their
“manager” hasn’t already called us to hump their way up our legs to get
into a show, you’re vigorously mistaken. If it makes you feel better, while
everyone is seeing TBS or pulling chilies out of their butts in Austin, I’ll
be doing my taxes and settling for the disgusting wine cooler someone left
in my fridge last summer.

CITY DEVILS premier their “Idle Hands” video on MTV Latino, in regular
programming. You can see the video on lotsa American cable systems,
particularly those in South Florida and Texas. We at Sub Pop would like to
make a big scene about this if you don’t mind, because we can rarely
infiltrate the superstructure of bullshit surrounding all things MTV. On a
related note, some boys from VH1 came around for a day of disruptage here
in the office, and one of them expressed undo glee at the fact that I was
able to flip a light switch. I mean, I know I’m stacked but geez, I’m not
retarded. THE AFGHAN WHIGS broke up, and it’s sad. Have you seen the
LOOPER website? Hmmmm…(fake earnest
expression of confusion and dismay.)

Noisepop the festival has already begun, and SXSW is confirmed, so if you
would like the dish on our Sub Pop showcases, please check out the tour page
okay? Also on the bus in March: ARLO,
Black Halos, Pleasure Forever, THE SHINS,
LOVE AS LAUGHTER, The Murder City Devils,
Nebula and VUE. Well that’s it for me from
the earthquake debris field…thanks for everyone who rung us up for reports
on the shaking. We are all just rosy and we love you too! Annaw@subpop.com.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson