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THANKS FOR PLAYING: The June/July Edition.

Hey dudes,

Comin’ at ya from the messiest desk in Sub Pop history…seriously, my mom needs to quit sending me stuff; it’s making my desk crazy. The second I express interest in anything, she jets out to Costco or wherever and UPS’s me insane amounts of said things. I was telling her on the phone the other day about how I think “Finding Nemo” needs a million Oscars and two days later, I get toys of half the cast in the mail!…I told her a few weeks ago that I had eaten dried apricots and I really liked them, two days later 987423987 lbs. of these things show up, now just the thought of dried apricots makes me want to barf. I love ya mom, and I miss ya to death, but if you’re reading this, my new ‘thing’ is cash; I LOVE cash…UPS me cash. Okay, back to work…I’m here to spread the sweet word of all the Sub Pop happenings for the sweltering months of June and July. This review may be a little screwy because this morning, as part of our community service (don’t ask), the Sub Pop staff volunteered to answer phones at the KEXP fund-raiser from 6am-10am. You Blues Hammers all missed your chance to ‘submit’ your unsolicited demos! You could have played your hottest riffs over the phone to a captive Sub Pop audience while donating your hard earned cash to support great independent radio in Seattle. You lose! Anyway, most of us cats haven’t seen 6am (unless we’re talkin’ about still partying strong from the night before, which is a completely different ‘thanks for playing’) since college…well, shit, some of us cats didn’t see college either…well, you get the idea…we’re all totally zombified (I made a word! Eat it spell check!) from no sleep and gallons of free Red Bull. On with the show…

Well, I’d love to tell you about all the hot new releases in June, but, um, well…there aren’t any! We’re all just sitting around watching “America’s Next Top Model” and developing giant crushes on Marty Crandall’s girlfriend Elyse! Marty’s in The Shins and Elyse is H-O-T. (Watch your back Marty…) Okay, I lied, that’s not ALL we’re doing. We’re also preparing ourselves for JULY MADNESS!!!

July 8th:

The Postal Service “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” CD5/12”

The world’s nicest band is back! Fully prepared to bring you the hottest piece of summer jams you’ll buy in the next few months…not counting those ghetto white labels from dj shops that give you THREE blazing cuts on one 12” (I just picked up one with the new Jay-Z , 50 Cent AND Justin Timberlake! How illegal is that!?)

This 12” features album versions of “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” and “Such Great Heights” along with dance floor burnin’ remixes of same by DJ Downfall and John Tejada guaranteed to get any party started.

Super-fans take note: the CD5 substitutes a cover of the Flaming Lips’ track “Suddenly Everything Has Changed” for the album version of “Such Great Heights. ” The cover is exclusive to the CD5! Get into it!

Also on July 8th:

The Constantines “Nighttime/Anytime” CDEP

We’re such teases, dangling the hook in front of you EVEN MORE before we unleash The Constantines full-length in August. First they blow the fuckin’ roof off SXSW, then do the same to The Crocodile Café for our Anniversary Party (we need to hire a team of carptenters to follow these dudes on tour, for roof replacement)…and now this…

“Nighttime/Anytime” features non-LP b-side “Hotline Operator” and two album tracks (“Nightime/Anytime”, and “Tank Commander”) from the forthcoming album “Shine A Light.” That’s not all people; the band also hops into their giant suits and brings on a galloping cover of “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel” by the Talking Heads!

Be prepared world, The Constantines are fixin’ to blow up! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

July 22nd:

The Michael Yonkers Band “Microminiature Love” CD

This is officially my favorite Sub Pop release of all time. (Sorry “Whatcha Doin’ by The Go). It’s also one of the oldest recordings we’ve ever released. “Microminature Love” was originally recorded in 1968 with intention to be released on Sire Records. Since that day it has been unheard, until our good buddy Clint released a limited run of LPs on his Destijl label last year. The second that record hit our ears off the airwaves of WFMU, we were addicted.

The Michael Yonkers Band is truly one of the most unique recordings I’ve ever set ears on. Let’s try an equation: the cave-man primitivism of the Troggs, Trashmen or Godz + the over the top fuzz and feedback of ‘I Heard Her Call My Name” by the Velvets + the visceral howls of the Seeds or Sonics + Michael’s own home-made amps, pedals, and guitars + the twisted lyrics of Barrett or Erikson = a true psychedelic masterpiece.

We recently had Michael come out to Seattle to meet all us folks and we were lucky enough to have him agree to play a show at the Sunset Tavern! After a near-crippling industrial accident in the early ’70s, leaving his hometown of Minneapolis is no simple task…to this day, Michael still requires multiple hours of daily physical therapy. However, since Clint’s reissue of the record last year, Michael has shared the stage in Minneapolis with mind-blowers such as: The Sightings, Wolf Eyes, Six Organs Of Admittance, and Low.

For this performance, Michael was to open the set solo, then be joined by our own Jed Maheu (bass, tour press, shirtless CEO of the “Live It America” campaign), and Dean Whitmore (drums, direct sales, dad). Completely ass-kicking psychedelic tunes aside; the sheer power of Michael’s human spirit was simply blinding. I can safely say that every single person in attendance had a completely unforgettable experience, and every single person sitting on their couches at home instead of hitting the show will be bummed for the rest of their lives…

We thank you Mr. Yonkers.

(We’d also like to thank The Coachwhips, X-27, and The Librarians for also rippin’ it up.)

Alright, I think I’m done here, we’ll see you fools in August.

Keep on-



Posted by Harry Dean Hudson