TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


Well, Time Out New York, specifically. Read what they say about our Masked Heroes!
“When practicing a subgenre that could get your band labeled as retro, the simplest way to preempt such criticism is to play the stuff at thoroughly modern extremes. Witness the Northern California quintet Comets on Fire. The flamingly redundant name itself (did they consider Electric Lightning? Hailing Ice? Sugar Smacks with Sugar and Honey?) could just as easily be a joke as an indication of approach. But the howling cacophony of Blue Cathedral< Comets’ third album, proves that this band considers psychadelic rock as serious as life.
Again and again, Cathedral seems to max out in intensity, only for the band to redouble its fervor—via more effects pedals (can there ever be enough?) or a jaw-dropping drum fill (from the Keith Moon-like Utrillo Kushner), or simply by speeding up and playing harder and louder. Even the few relatively placid moments are pregnant with expectation for the next acid-drenched detonation. And through it all, the band never sacrifices melody.
Like most musical trends, the psych revival that Comets are (for better or worse) a part of has quickly become crowded with imitators and questionable talents. But the only American peer this band has is another heavenly monikered group, New England’s Major Stars. So if you’re seeking the best in brain-frying sounds, simply look for the fire in the sky.” —Mike Wolf
Have you checked out Comets’ band page yet? Might we perhaps interest you in a copy of their newest and, dare we say, finest?

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson