TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


If you’re curious to know more about new signee Chad VanGaalen (and I know you are, you curious person, you), might we recommend piroozing this excellent article on Eye.net by clicking the link below?A tidbit:“When Chad Van Gaalen’s humble 2004 masterpiece, Infiniheart, started appearing on year-end lists last December, much head-scratching ensued; the album remains frustratingly difficult to find in record stores, even as bloggers praise it effusively. This will all change when it sees a high-profile North American re-release on Sub Pop Records later this year. It’s not so much media hype that has propelled Van Gaalen’s career as it is the steadily building message-board consensus over the course of 2004 — this kid from Alberta intuitively makes music that’s determinedly out of step with the machine that would try to assimilate him.”

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson