TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM

February 4 - The Elected - Me First

he Elected’s
singer/guitarist Blake Sennett’s songs are like anecdotes told between
friends on car trips, or loaded late-night confessions, or handwritten
letters from estranged loved ones. On record and with the entire band,
the songs become epic sagas of haunting beauty. They are snapshots gone
widescreen; whispers in surround-sound. The Elected are a band who would
cite incredibly disparate influences if you were to ask them (and we
didn’t…) about whose music might have shaped their record’s sound.
‘Zine writers are going to have a field day coming up with reference
points. Herewith, a few freebies to get started: (1) "Nilsson’s
soundtrack to “Midnight Cowboy,” given an ambient remix by Aphex Twin."
(2) "Like the weird sounds coming from your radio when one station
playing the Zombies’ “Care of Cell 44” starts to bleed into another
station playing moody electronica." (3) “Lost, unreleased Sun Studios
heartbreak songs from the future.” Me First is the debut release from
Rilo Kiley co-singer/songwriter Blake Sennett, and features, in various
roles and among others: Mike Bloom, Jason Boesel and Jenny Lewis (both
also from Rilo Kiley), Daniel Brummel (from Ozma), Schmed (from Arlo),
Orenda Fink (of Azure Ray), and Jimmy Tamborello (The Postal
Service/DNTEL). The album was recorded in the spring of 2003 with the
help of Mike Mogis (Saddle Creek partner and producer extraordinaire for
Bright Eyes, The Faint, et al).

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson