TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


CSS are coming to America this summer to bring the party with their new album Cansei De Ser Sexy and apparently they are excited as shit to be working with Sub Pop and to come dance across the states; check out this wonderfully shitty letter that they sent us at Sub Pop HQ:- – - – - – - – - – We are so so so excited, it’s been hard to sleep. Yeah, but to illustrate it better for you, read this short story:

Eduardo he’s our international manager and huge friend, he introduced us a Wolf Eyes’s slang “Shit a Brick”. So every time he’d shout us an exciting news he’d say “I SHITTED A BRICK” or “You’ll shit a brick”, then since things started to grow he’d say “That person will shit a stadium”. Then we couldn’t get enough, news got bigger and bigger, so as our poop.

Here are some stuff we shitted during this special period of our lives of signing with Sub Pop and throwing a summer tour…
Check it out:
“I shitted an one meter subway sandwich with my brother’s ex-wife and my two cats”
“I shitted Copacabana beach with the 2 million people watching the free Rolling Stones gig”
“I shitted A LOCA club when it’s Placebo give away cd’s @ the Grind night!”
“I shitted one stadium in a salmon temaki shape without mayonnaise that fits five million good lookin’ people”
“I shitted the pink dolphin and XUXA (you should google her!)”
“I shitted the Coliseum”
“I shitted the world when it was only one continent.”

So… as you can see… we are very excited

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson