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Scud Mountain Boys was an American alt-country band. Formed in 1991 in Northampton, Massachusetts, it comprised Joe Pernice, Stephen Desaulniers, Bruce Tull and Tom Shea. Stephen Desaulniers left the band and was replaced by Frank Padellaro in Oct. 1996.

The band at first was known as the Scuds, and their early work was influenced by electric rock. However, they sat round Tull’s kitchen table every night and played acoustic country tunes, and soon decided that they enjoyed this style more. This culminated in the Scud Mountain Boys bringing the table to a concert and playing while sitting down, a move which was enthusiastically welcomed.

The band released three albums before disbanding in 1997: Dance the Night Away (1995), Pine Box (1995) and Massachusetts (1996).

Pernice, Shea and Desaulniers reunited for an impromptu performance in Cambridge in August of 2011. The band announced plans for a full reunion of the original lineup in January of 2012 and social networking sites confirm involvement of Pernice, Desaulniers, Tull and Shea for the shows.

Pernice, the group’s main songwriter, later went on to form the more pop/rock-influenced band the Pernice Brothers.

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