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ONCE TWICE MELODY is the 8th studio album by BEACH HOUSE, who formed in 2004. 

ONCE TWICE MELODY is a 2xLP, featuring 18 songs and presented in 4 chapters. 

BEACH HOUSE is VICTORIA LEGRAND, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist, and  ALEX SCALLY, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. They write all of their songs together. 

OTM was Produced entirely by BEACH HOUSE, a first for the band. Like their previous record 7, the live drums are by JAMES BARONE. Live drums were recorded at  PACHYDERM studio in Minnesota and UNITED Studio in LA.  

The Writing and Recording of ONCE TWICE MELODY began in 2018 and was completed in JULY 2021. Most of the songs were created during this time, though a  few date back over the previous 10 years. Much of this recording was done at APPLE  ORCHARD STUDIO in Baltimore.  

ONCE TWICE MELODY was mixed largely by ALAN MOULDER, but a few tracks were also mixed by CAESAR EDMUNDS, TREVOR SPENCER, and DAVE FRIDMANN. 

For the first time, a live STRING ENSEMBLE was used. Strings were arranged by  DAVID CAMPBELL 

Across the 18 Songs, many types of STYLE, SONG STRUCTURE, and SPIRIT can be heard; Songs WITHOUT drums, Songs centered around ACOUSTIC guitar, mostly  ELECTRONIC Songs with no guitar, wandering melodies, repetitive melodies, Songs built around the STRING SECTIONS. While there are a lot of new sounds, many of the drum machines, organs, keyboards, and tones that listeners may associate with previous BEACH HOUSE records are still present throughout many of the compositions.  

PREVIOUS Albums by BEACH HOUSE are S/T: 2006, Devotion: 2008, Teen Dream:  2010, Bloom:2012, Depression Cherry: 2015, Thank Your Lucky Stars: 2015, 7: 2018.

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