TUE, JAN 4, 2011 at 4:44 AM

Welcome to 2011


2010 is over, and Sub Pop is ushering 2011 in like a record label ushering in 2011 with their guns-a-blazing, so to speak. January 18th is a busy day for the Sub Pop family. Sub Pop is releasing Daniel Martin Moore’s second full-length, In the Cool of the Day, as well as Mogwai’s Sub Pop debut, the 7" single “Rano Pano”. Also more: Next Ambiance is releasing their second record ever, Laru Beya by Honduran Aurelio. Still more: Hardly Art got something going on, too; a Fergus & Geronimo full length!

So, like I said, guns-a-blazing. February, March, and April have a similar look with new full lengths from The Twilight Singers, Mogwai, Papercuts, J Mascis, Obits, and Low. We tried to space it out a little bit, because that’s a lot to buy.

Posted by Sam Sawyer