MON, DEC 7, 2009 at 8:55 AM

Swap It. Spin It. Bring It. Screen It.


All ages venue, the Vera Project, and Seattle online radio station Hollow Earth Radio, are teaming up to host a holiday fair extravaganza on Saturday December 12th at the Vera Project from 11 AM to 5 PM featuring items for sale from independent Northwest record and cassette labels, silk-screened show poster makers, independent record dealers, and a variety of local craftmakers.

Bands will be playing live throughout the day while you browse including: The Foghorns, 1985, June Madrona, Dashel Schueler, Iji, and World History.

The “screen-it” part of the fair will include demonstrations by Vera silkscreen instructors. Bring a piece of fabric to practice on, or you can buy white T-shirts at the event (if you’re interested in learning how!).

Why is this relevant to you, loyal Sub Pop fan reading this blog? Sub Pop and Hardly Art will have a glorious booth and we’re selling records only. Ruben of Hardly Art will also be selling records from his fantastic personal collection.

Stop by!

Posted by Sasha Morgan