WED, AUG 27, 2008 at 10:49 AM

Free Ltd. CDR with Chad VanGaalen Pre-order


Mark your calendars folks! On September 9th you could (read: should) be listening to the new Chad VanGaalen record, Soft Airplane on your CD-player or new-fangled mp3 machine! And, if you pre-order Soft Airplane from us by September 9th, we’ll boost the stoke-a-matic several levels by giving you a free bonus CDR, featuring three CvG songs currently unavailable elsewhere! But wait! We also enjoy giving you free stickers and buttons, for free, so you can show the world your love of Chad VanGaalen via your car, locker, math book, mom’s car, fixed-gear cycling machine, or whatever. So order the CD from us, get a bonus CD and save a trip to the store, and totally score a couple of free stickers and a free button for free!

Buy Soft Airplane already!

Listen to Chad VanGaalen here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer