FRI, APR 6, 2007 at 9:25 AM

hardly art is open for business


Hey, look! It’s my ex-coworkers Sarah and Nick sitting in the brand new office for Hardly Art Records, which they now run, having a “meeting” with Sub Pop’s head of A&R Tony Kiewel (that’s him in the middle.) I have some questions for them. Let’s do this!
L:What are your immediate hopes for your new label? Let’s say within the next 2 weeks immediate…
S:I hope to have a table for our printer first of all. And we just sent out records for Arthur & Yu to national press, so here’s hoping people actually listen to and enjoy it.
L:Well, that’s just great. You are already off to a stellar start with this high profile interview on the Sub Pop blog.
S: Thanks, friend.
L: I prefer, office-floor mate now.
S: Rude.
L: Kidding. Next question, and this one’s for Nick. What is Sarah’s worst trait?
N: Hmmmm. Alright. (silence) (laughs) She’s almost too enjoyable to work with. [this is BS —ed.] and I think it may sour me for future working environments.
L:Sarah! Same question, only for Nick.
S: (sniffle) Severe ADD and an addiction to bagels.
N: Ah, that’s true.
L: Well, it was your idea to work with him. He could’ve mailed out my videos until the end of time.
N: Yeah, do you know that we actually don’t do any video mailings and that’s the only thing I’m really qualified for!
L: Last question. Would you guys feel comforatble sharing a queen size bed on a business trip? You know, to keep costs down.
N: I’m in.
S: Pillow burier. [see, this makes no sense. what she meant was…] Pillow barrier.
At this point Alissa comes in with two ice cold Raniers to congratulate them on their new digs.
L:I lied. One more question. Do you guys do it with each other?
S: You mean working?
N: Woah! (He’s still in!)
S: No.

Posted by Lacey Swain