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David Cross Needs a Nice NIght Out on the Town

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Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 12:29 AM
To: laceys@subpop.com
Subject: david cross donation

Hi. See, I’ve downloaded about everything David
Has performed off of the Internet. I am quite
entertained, yet am feeling very guilty about not
contributing financially. The guy has made me laugh
a lot, which I think is worth something. So, I think
I’d like to forward some money his way, if it’s possible.
I don’t even need a pressed copy of his CD, since it’s
all out there anyway. I am a poor student—does $20 matter?
$50? That’s a pretty good night on the town, isn’t it?
Should I just send buy off of Amazon.com?

My worst fear isn’t being beaten up by some bully
At my local Denver, CO dive bar. It’s being skewered
By Cross and having that image beamed across the world,
which I think could possibly happen if I continued to
download his stuff without even paying for it.
I’m much less afraid of Lars Ulrich.

So help me out, Sub Pop, and you probably deserve a cut too,
although I don’t really understand the record label business.

Anonymous Fan
(yikes, those lawyers get hungry now and then)

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson