WED, MAR 8, 2006 at 3:50 AM


We are pleased to announce, in as official a capacity as we’re able, that we are now working with the upstanding gentlemen in the Oxford Collapse!

There are three of them (Mike Pace, Dan Fetherston and Adam Rizer), and they’re from Brooklyn, NY. Thus far, they’ve released two full-lengths and an EP through Kanine Records. And, there’s rumored to be a 7" single on Version City forthcoming.

Spin magazine had the following to say about the most recent album, A Good Ground:
Three Brooklyn boys with perpetual nervousness launch the ‘80s Amerindie revival: Michael Pace jams econo-lines onto his Gibson Marauder, Dan Fetherston sprays high-hats and cymbals over a mostly 4/4 gallop, and Adam Rizer proves once and for all that repeated listens to R.E.M.’s Reckoning is a good way to learn how to play bass.

While we do not support the “launch” of any “revival,” these are influences (Minutemen, early R.E.M., Wire, Mission of Burma) we can get behind. And, the Oxford Collapse, in their fidgety and entirely enthused recombination of these influences, make us very happy indeed. To put it another way, they have an endearing inability to keep their arms and legs inside the vehicle at any/all times.

More info on the ETA of their Sub Pop debut when it’s available. In the meantime, go see the Oxford Collapse for yourself. There are tour dates here.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson